Friday, September 5, 2008

Let The Good Times Roll

Hi there and welcome to the maiden voyage of Living Out Loud with COPD. This is a different sort of blog and is not limited to COPD but will share my day to day experiences, challenges, good times, Wisdom, weirdness ~ the full monty of living with this dis-ease. By sharing this info, I will be helped and hopefully someone out there will be helped. Maybe even share some helpful info of their own. If you'd like to do that, simply email me and I will arrange for you to post it here. Just a thought. I like to share.

Well, to begin with I'd like to share some Navajos wisdom that helps me each day. The next blog may be about my new dog, Ty (pictured here),
and how he helps me cope. He really does! Or how I am coping with my former 02 provider who is trying to rip me off, . Or about the bird that got into my house and decided to land on my head. Or how people react when they see me with my oxygen out in public and how I cope with that, too. I've got lots to share and I hope you do, too.

We are all in this together so Please come back often.

OK, the Navajo wisdom.......Enjoy this sacred wisdom and let us be grateful for the sharing. Blessings!

Navajos believe in "Walking in Beauty" -- a worldview in which everything in life is connected and influences everything else.

A stone thrown into a pond can influence the life of a deer in the forest, a human voice and a spoken word can influence events around the world, and all things possess spirit and power.

Their belief system sees sickness as a result of things falling out of balance, of losing one's way on the path of beauty. So Navajos make every effort to live in harmony and balance with everyone and everything else.

EXCERPTED FROM the InnerSelf article:

Chantways: A Song for Healing
by Lori Arviso Alvord, M.D.

Sweetest blessings to all who enter here,