Saturday, September 13, 2008


Very recently has come the beginning of understanding that unless we address and restore the very health of the earth , our own health, inner health and symptoms will grow worse and worse. Mother Earth’s health and our own inner health are one and the same.

In our world, nothing is meant to be apart from the whole. With separation comes loneliness of spirit and disconnection. We must reconnect now. Our very survival could truly depend upon the reconnection. All there is~ is in some way connected.

I believe that at this point we are finally “getting it” that the harming of nature and our planet adversely affects all life and not least of all our own selves.

Let us return to those values of the earth for we are a part of them, not apart from them. The time has come to spiritually reconnect with all things that are natural and teach our children these values as well. The time has come that we must honor the preciousness of earth and life and pass it on. We are the responsible parties for the foul ups. Let us be wise enough to make the repairs and celebrate with this revival of our renewal of excellent values and healing the earth and, in turn, ourselves.

COPD makes it very hard to breathe. I want to heal the earth and myself so that I may breathe better and better. Join me?

Sweetest blessings,