Monday, October 27, 2008

Slowing It Down and Living Better

Wow! My computer totally crashed. Crashed and burned. So, I am back online now after weeks and weeks of dinking around with Dell Tech. I won't buy Dell again! This is the 2nd time they have replaced the mother board, hard drive and memory. I give much thanks for the 3 year warranty that came with this computer.

Until I get my notes together, I thought I would share this with you which means a great deal to me and came in a newsletter to me.

Enjoy and I will post soon.


Let's slow it down and treat ourselves better!

Ironically, over time, the more we "do," the less we achieve.
All that effort takes its toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health. It disconnects us from our deeper needs, leaving us empty and dull.

Now imagine a different, more pleasant scenario. You come to work determined to remember to log off your computer, take a short walk, drink a glass of water, and moisturize your skin every thirty minutes.

Instead of "grabbing" an indifferent lunch, you bring fresh fruit, yogurt, and a whole-grain sandwich from home. You don't take coffee breaks, you take exercise breaks.

In treating yourself well for a day, you achieved both doing less and being more.

In the literal sense, you still "did" things; you did not sit idle. But what you did was gloriously different from what you had been doing for so long. You let yourself slow down instead of driving yourself hard. You did not misuse your body and you did not pressure your mind. You began the process of healing.

EXCERPTED FROM: Ayurveda is a Verb
by Shubhra Krishan.