Monday, July 27, 2009

Be Gone, Ye Idiots! I'm Being Happy!

It greatly annoys me when people - the family, friends, doctors, nurses, anyone really - feel that keeping information or news from me is better for me. How would they know this? Quite the contrary, I find it infuriating, insulting, belittling, disrespectful and that is putting it mildly.

It is as if because I have a tube in my nose delivering oxygen - and not that much more oxygen than they themselves use, mind you - that suddenly my brain doesn't function normally.

How Rude!!!

Of course not ALL people act this way but some of those closest to me do carry on this way and I have to tell you that it offends me so greatly that I have begun to avoid those people. This makes me sad to do so but I also do not have the stress and utter frustration that this sort of behavior brings to my plate.

It isn't as if I haven't spoken with them about this kind of "attitude" toward me and have, in some cases, had my own doctor address this issue with no avail. (Of course, they would know better than my own physician, I say with definite sarcasm :0)

If my 31 year old niece had her way, I would be in a wheelchair with a blanket draped over my lap and wearing a bibb. Now, this niece checked my mail the other day and proceeded to sort through it & toss out what she decided I did not need to see. LOL Can you stand it??? She actually threw it in the trash bin outside before she brought the remainder of the mail into the house. I know because I watched her from the front window. When I told her this was not acceptable, she scolded me. Scolded me!! Telling me in a very condescending tone that "...if I needed anything she would go and get it for me." Huh???

When the truth of the matter is that I own my own home, have my own dog, care for my home and dog, do my own shopping and can stand and walk on my own 2 legs, albeit slower than most, just fine. I drive and take care of my finances. I have a bank account or two and have never once bounced a check in my life and I am 50 years old, having traveled the globe more than once. I know a thing or two.

Thank God for the folks I encounter out in the world that give me respect and do not see "only" the oxygen and think my mind doesn't function. The fact is, I'm still sharp as a tack and I'll take on the likes of anyone who thinks otherwise.

Since the COPD puts more than enough restrictions on me, I have made a choice to avoid those people who behave so badly and I shall thoroughly enjoy my remaining time as happily and wonderfully as I can. For that is how it should be. Eliminate the frustration and stress that I can ~ and bring in the happy!!! So there!

OK. That's my rant....for now.

Enjoy yourselves for that is how it should be!!
Sweet blessings,